BRENT & BRIGITTE FARLEY, Executive Directors, received a call from Jesus in 2015 to become full time evangelists! They met in the fall of 2021 at an evangelism seminar in Athens, GA, and they got married there on April 8, 2023! Brent has been covering Charlotte, NC, the Queen’s City, and BEYOND in the Name of the KING of all kings!!! Brent is definitely the King of his Queen, Brigitte. She has been a God-Gardener scattering the seeds of the Kingdom in Athens, GA and beyond since 2017! Brent loves to build and create evangelism tools, and Brigitte loves to gather people and teach them how to go and share! They want you to know that YOU are a world-changer!

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BELINDA BROADUS, Chief Financial Officer, is a true soldier of the Lord, having been raised in a Navy family and then later marrying Steve, an Army Chaplain! They have 3 daughters, Elise, Brittany, and Lindsey, who experienced this unique upbringing. They had so many opportunities to share their faith and watch the Lord touch lives. During that time, Belinda was able to work as a therapist for Family Advocacy (military families that were experiencing domestic violence) and also as an advocate for victims of sexual assault. During the 8 years they lived in El Paso, Texas she was a juvenile probation officer. Through all of these experiences she has carried her passion for prayer and sharing the Gospel. She is excited to be a prayer leader on the Anointed Ambassadors team!
Dennis and Alice

DENNIS and ALICE MITCHELL, Board Members, are both so thankful to have been raised in Christian homes. They have been married 55 years, and are blessed with two children. Their daughter, Sarah, was an honor graduate from Asbury College, is a mother of three girls, was a missionary to Philippines, and is now a pastor’s wife and high school chorus teacher. Their son, John, was a UGA honor graduate, is a father of two girls, and works in IT at Cobb Energy. Dennis loves people, so being in sales was a great opportunity to witness about Jesus throughout his career. Alice taught elementary school for the first six years of their marriage, and then became an at-home mom for seventeen years. Dennis and Alice’s hearts have been focused on growing in God’s Word and seeking His Will for their family, the Body of Christ, their co-workers, friends, single parents, missionaries, strangers, and especially those in great need. They are hospitality home hosts to people in need and those who work for ministry. Throughout their marriage they served their local churches in leadership and volunteer positions for Bible studies, prayer meetings, spiritual life retreats, mission trips, Lay Witness missions, men ministries, and women ministries. Presently, they live in Blairsville, GA as members of House of Prayer Interdenominational Church. They both are honored, blessed, and continue growing in Christ, especially from being encouragers and Prayer Warriors for Anointed Ambassadors!